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16th-Sep-2005 10:14 am(no subject)
How many of you have ever been swimming with dolphins? If so, where did you go and how much did it cost? I want to arrange a dolphin swim and I want it to be the best experience ever, so any advice y'all can give will be greatly appreciated.
18th-Jun-2005 02:32 pm - Hello! I'm new!
I'm dolphingoddess, I just wanted to say hello to every one. I'm new at this community. Hope to have lots of fun here!!!

Dolphin Goddess
2nd-Feb-2005 09:30 pm(no subject)
Dolphin Momma
I have 50 Google Email invits, anyone want one?
9th-Dec-2004 08:37 pm - hey!
I just joined...dolphins are AWESOME!! :) I have a collage of dolphin pictures on my wall...
11th-Sep-2004 10:01 am(no subject)
Hi everyone 'tis me! Delfinechica!

Anyways, I was going to say, since I opened delfinechica.tk I closed it, and now I have planet-cetacea.net (this link will open a new window), what will be an informative site on dolphins, the different species, their societies, sociology, evolution, etc., etc.

I had a lot of species on the list and whatnot, but, I decided to re-design the whole thing the other day, or at least begin to, so don't bother looking at it right now, it might as well be empty. If any of you saw it before I tried re-designing it, it was pretty. I loved it. But people kept complaining about it not being flashy enough. When I get it up, there still won't really be any pictures because I'm only going to put up pictures donated by friends or taken by me or my family (and we don't have any yet... *sigh*). I want it to be my own site, so I haven't been going to free picture websites. When it's done (at this rate it seems it will take my whole life due to lack of web-design know-how) I know at least I'll love it, yay!

So if you want to visit it, sign the guestbook. Just keep in mind... Now's not a good time. It doesn't have ANYTHING right now, really.

Oh, by the way, if you give me really informative web-sites, or refer me to really informative books, or want to be a friend donating pictures, I am going to add a credits page to the site, where it will put your name, e-mail (if you allow it) and the thing you donated (a website or book source, or pictures THAT YOU TOOK, or a friend took. No free picture sites please).

Basically, you would e-mail and if it had a picture, preferably you would tell me the species it was, your name and e-mail. If it was a source you'd give the link, your name, and e-mail, if it was a book you'd give me the book title, author, and your name and e-mail, etc., etc. This isn't really a one-person thing if I want to include EVERYTHING about cetaceans, lol.

I want to put in:

Cetacean species/species information (I had this up but now have to rebuild it)
History of cetacean studies.
Myths and legends.

And much more! The site also includes me, my friends, and SCUBA. I'm planning to soon take a Rescue Diver course, and have already obtained an Open Water and Advanced Open water certification with PADI.
27th-Jan-2004 04:56 am - Dolphin

I just joined this group. You see, I like dolphins.

Also, I wrote a song about dolphins.

If you want you can hear it by clicking here. (right click, save as)
16th-Nov-2003 12:47 pm(no subject)
Hello, all, I am working on a project that I thought I'd post here lest anyone care to join me.

At http://www.insanejournal.com , I am the administrator and most common poster to the dolphins community. I am trying to get a group of people to pick specific species (I have volunteered myself to the orca (killer whale) and will probably also volunteer to research the humpback whale later on) and research them, writing in depth information on the species, how they live, what they eat, etc., etc. Information on where the information came from would also be required, and I am going to make the entries moderated, as the community is embedded into my webpage, http://www.delfinechica.tk .

If anyone would care to join the dolphins community there and help out with the project, please comment in this entry. If and when insanejournal starts requiring codes again, I will be glad to give some away to the cause (I have a permanent account there). However, this is only if you are going to participate. I will have greatly thought about whether or not you may be the type to post and post well before I start giving out codes.

Sorry, but I want to try to get a really interactive place set up, where people actually learn and get interested in what's going on. See dolphins and know what they are, etc., etc.
12th-Nov-2003 03:51 pm(no subject)
Dolphins are great, but remember to be safe!

Water Fun!
27th-Aug-2003 01:57 pm - Hi.
New to this community and so I will say hi, and I am an extreme dolphin fanatic so it'd be nice to hear of some other people that are the same way :)! I am working on a page, http://www.delfinechica.tk, which isn't really that dolphin-oriented at the moment, but will become that way once I've researced enough!
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